In March 2016 I co-founded Zcruit, an enterprise SAAS solution for college football coaches to help bring predictive analytics to their recruiting process. I have helped build our solution from the grounds up, from the ReactJS front-end work to designing our serverless back-end infrastructure in AWS. I worked on this project during the Summer of 2016, and the Summer of 2017 to bring our solution to market.

We now have 3 paying football programs on board with several others in the works, and a team of 6 working full time over the 2017 summer. Through Zcruit, not only have I gained precious development experience at Zcruit, but I have also learnt how to manage a team using the SCRUM/AGILE framework and how to run a successful business, all while never forgetting to maximize customer delight.

Check out our website here!


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